Introductory Lesson

We provide an Introductory lesson for new riders welcomed to Coolmine Equestrian. This lesson encompasses registration to our riding school, the use of our equipment (If you don't have your own yet), a free consultation on how you can progress your riding level and a thirty minute riding session. This is a fantastic way to be introduced to our horses and the best style to ride them, to meet our instructors and to see our facility. 

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Adult Group Riding Lessons


For the beginner rider, we recommend a group lesson with other riders of a similar level to help build your confidence. Beginners group lessons will help you to master the basic principles of riding including, mounting, dismounting, correct riding position, holding the reins, halt, walk, basic turns, rising & sitting trot. All beginners will be lead by one of our trained volunteers until they have sufficient control to ride independently.


For those who have mastered the basics but wish to improve their technique and learn to canter, our intermediate group riding lessons are the perfect way to improve your skills.


For more advanced riders, established in walk, trot & canter, we offer an advanced group flat lesson during which riders are able to develop both their feel and technique. Riders also begin working on the basic lateral movements.


For those riders established in walk, trot & canter, and interested in learning to jump, these lessons focus on establishing the 'light forward seat' in trot & canter. During the first half of the lesson, riders are taught the 'light forward seat' in trot & canter. Once balanced in this position, during the second half of the session, riders will work over ground poles in trot & possibly in canter, and learn the principles/ phases of jumping. Once secure in the 'light forward seat', riders may jump a small fence.

Jump Lessons:

For those riders established jumping a single fence, these lessons offer the opportunity to develop their jumping skills. Lessons will focus on linking fences or on improving jump position and harmony with the horse using grid-work.

Individual riding lessons:

Our individual riding lessons offer one to one tuition and a is a Private lesson that is totally focused on the rider’s needs. These lessons are ideal for riders wishing to progress from one level to another, for those more nervous riders, for riders with specific goals or riders with special needs.

Please note: Whilst we are able to cater for riders with some special needs, we are not a 'Riding for the Disabled' (RDA) centre. Please contact the centre to discuss any needs you, or your child may have.

Please also note: The weight limit is 15 stone.

Children’s riding lessons

1/2 hour Tiny tots lesson:

This lesson is perfect for young children. This half-hour lesson is the perfect introduction to riding and the group lesson environment.

Designed to develop familiarity with ponies whilst building confidence, these lessons are not overly instructional but enhance skills slowly and safely. This is a lead rein session. The child will be lead throughout by the qualified staff member teaching the lesson. This introductory lesson will include, walk, trot, basic turns and confidence building exercises, but will not include work in canter.

Once your child is confident in walk and trot, s/he may move into a beginners group or individual riding lesson for one hour. If you are unsure if your child is ready to move up, please discuss this with the instructor teaching the lesson.

Children’s Group Riding Lessons

Beginners Lessons:

The beginners group lesson for children, is the perfect place to start for any child aged 6-12 wishing to learn to ride. Taught with the emphasis on 'fun', the children learn the basic principles of riding including mounting, dismounting, correct riding position, holding the reins, halt, walk, basic turns and rising & sitting trot. These principles are taught with the aid of simple 'confidence building exercises', encouraging children to relax on the ponies and to interact with both the ponies and other children in the group. Each child will be lead by one of our trained volunteers until they have sufficient strength and control to ride independently.

Intermediate Lessons:

Once established in walk & trot without a leader, children may progress into our intermediate group lesson. Here the children will learn to ride a variety of school figures to improve control and add variety to the session. Once balanced and established in both rising and sitting trot, and feeling confident, the children may begin learning to canter.

Advanced Lessons:

Children competent in walk, trot & canter may progress into our children's advanced group lesson. Here they further develop their skills, and may begin to work towards jumping with our prep to jump lessons. 

Individual Riding Lessons:

These 'one to one' private sessions are ideal for helping the children progress from one level to another.